Welcome, other outsiders of the sexual world!

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Welcome, other outsiders of the sexual world! Empty Welcome, other outsiders of the sexual world!

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 11, 2015 10:59 am

I created this sub-board as a space for those who might not identify as antisexual, or identify with the other principles described in the introduction, but nonetheless don't want sex, and are outsiders of the sexual world, such as, but not limited to:

  • Those who are repulsed by, or averse to sex, but didn't need to have an ideological rejection of it.
  • Those who are asexual, and their main reason for choosing to never have sex is due to the lack of desire or interest associated with their asexuality.
  • Those who are unsure if their experiences count as being antisexual under the standards used here.
  • Those who are questioning whether they want to reject sex.

There are other celibate sites, but few explicitly acknowledge and support asexuality, sex-repulsion, or that someone wants to abstain for life without any religious reasons behind it.

If you fall under these groups, I intended this sub-board as a space within FORTRESS where it may be easier for you to talk about your experiences than in The Main Area, which is why in this sub-board, there isn't a default term or framework used. Sharing your experiences, and asking questions matters. Whether you consider yourself part of this community, an ally, or in a gray area, we need to support each other in coping with living in a hypersexualized world.

It'll help you, and it'll help us. One of the unresolved questions about this community is where its borders are, or how to define them. Also, within the more general celibate community, the borders still aren't clear. Your experiences and answers to these questions, and what you consider yourself to be, would give a lot of insight into this.

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Welcome, other outsiders of the sexual world! Empty Re: Welcome, other outsiders of the sexual world!

Post by SlagToccata on Sat Jun 02, 2018 1:49 pm

This is still me, honestly. I'm against it for myself and don't like that others do it based on what it seems to do to them, but am not convinced fully that it's flat-out "wrong" in every case or that it should be punished. My "live and let live" side still wins out when it comes to this topic most of the time.

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