Tips for Building Self-Esteem

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Tips for Building Self-Esteem Empty Tips for Building Self-Esteem

Post by Away on Tue May 26, 2015 11:05 am


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Tips for Building Self-Esteem Empty Re: Tips for Building Self-Esteem

Post by Admin on Wed May 27, 2015 11:56 am

Great post, and I agree! It's sad that so many people turn to sex that they might not actually want, because they've become dependent on it, and the ability to find sexual partners for the external validation, that any positive traits, skills and talents a person has to their character are treated as irrelevant.

Society as a whole reduces peoples' worth to their their bodies, their looks, and ability to find sexual partners. There's so much more to any person than that! What about other traits, skills, and talents, and taking the time to cultivate them?

I've heard of people having sex they didn't really want, because they were lonely, and felt like that was the only way they could be loved. Just having sex with someone isn't a relationship, and it itself isn't love, though sex gets tied with love so much. That's just a temporary, and short-lived fix to feeling loneliness, and worthlessness. I haven't been in that situation myself, but I assume many who do have sex just to cure feelings of worthless or loneliness are aware of how it won't cure those feelings.

The closest I've experienced is the codependent relationship I was in. I was aware that it was codependent, but felt trapped. I hated that I felt compelled to sacrifice my well-being and felt too hopeless to escape, but at the same time convinced, or tried to convince myself my worth came from my self-sacrifice, or my martyrdom, and was dependent on it in a way.

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