Casual Sex is Disturbing

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Casual Sex is Disturbing Empty Casual Sex is Disturbing

Post by tygersongbird on Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:44 pm

I am personally disturbed all the way by all forms of sex truly. However, if I picked one thing that's revolting and pugnacious to me, it is this whole "casual sex" thing.

The reason?

The fact that they do not even know the person. 3 dates, sex? 2 weeks? How in the world can people have sex with each other so easily and nonchalant all the way.

The people say they can detach themselves and emotions from what's going on, in terms of being unattached from the person in terms of sex. I don't get it. That seems disturbing, like a sociopath.

People who can detach feelings, emotions, and heart from another person are totally capable of anything in my book. It sounds like a person who could end up being a killer. Obviously, people have killed for too much passion, and that's scary to me. It's better to never get involved romantically ever and stay single, if you ask me. I prefer that for me. I don't want to be falling in love.

However, the fact that said person can detach themselves from someone tells me a narcissism and an extreme case of self-centeredness. A person who can do that, probably thinks of all people as expendable. I mean, all you are is a penis hole or whatever for someone else's use. A throwaway for no continual good. And eventually, they may expend you from life. It's a rather scary thought, don't you think? How can someone even think of someone as expendable like that? Oh, wait, the sex. Now I know. All to satisfy your stomach. 

They just want to get some, and they don't care about any other person's soul? Just snarling, sadistic beasts, if you ask me. How wacky has our world gotten! People disturb me now, and sexual society's a terror.


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Casual Sex is Disturbing Empty Re: Casual Sex is Disturbing

Post by xenosimiana on Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:35 am

It's one of the insane aspects of sex, I've always been disgusted by casual sex, even when I wasn't antisexual. Would these people who have engaged in this activity use the same eating utensil from a stranger? If not, then why go to the extreme participating in an activity that's just as disgusting or more? It's a bit desperate too. Of course, they'll type an article using science as the reason why they do what they do. Like it's fate, and normal always=correct or something.

Not to say that knowing that person well makes sex safer or legit obviously, but it does seem a bit more disturbing when these people don't even know the person(s).


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Casual Sex is Disturbing Empty Re: Casual Sex is Disturbing

Post by Aztec12 on Tue Aug 01, 2017 7:15 pm

Yeah I agree I even talked to a 'player' once the ones who participate in casual sex all the time. I couldn't ever really get cormfortable with those people it's like they care nothing about you and if they did it only because they find you as an entertainment source. It's really disturbing these individuals that why I stay away from them.

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Casual Sex is Disturbing Empty Re: Casual Sex is Disturbing

Post by SlagToccata on Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:24 pm

I'm completely the opposite way. In my opinion, hookup culture sees copulation for what it is instead of trying to glorify it with all the social conventions of courting and dating, which do nothing but waste people's time and money if all they really want is the culminating physical act. I see it as a step toward resisting sexual culture in that it encourages less obsession over the act, even if I think it's one that should be skipped.

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Casual Sex is Disturbing Empty Re: Casual Sex is Disturbing

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