What's your opinion on euthanasia?

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What's your opinion on euthanasia? - Page 2 Empty Re: What's your opinion on euthanasia?

Post by Away on Sat Jan 30, 2016 12:02 pm


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What's your opinion on euthanasia? - Page 2 Empty Re: What's your opinion on euthanasia?

Post by ForeverPure on Sat Jan 30, 2016 9:30 pm

☆x Pure Life x☆ wrote:
@ForeverPure wrote:Furthermore, I think you misinterpret my feelings. I am not depressed or having conflicting thoughts. I am in complete agreement with my philosophy.

People should always be honest. If they don't know wether it's true or not, they should think about it before they write something. What you just wrote is not true. But for some people for different reasons it can be difficult to admit for oneself that they have depression.

Nobody is weak for having depression. And nobody is strong for not being afraid of death. I know you didn't say anything about being weak and strong but just saying.

Religious people are happiest people on earth and feel less pain, according to researches. So maybe you can begin to read about different religions and see if you belive in any of those and find support in it. If you haven't already.

Some people expect to die when they are like 70+ or something.. but the true is that many people die at young age. Everyone will die one day. And I'm sure that people who commit suicide will regret it forever. Once they choose euthanasia/suicide they can never turn back the time again.

You honestly think I have depression despite several statements I have made that contradict your claim? I have been to many so-called "experts" in the field of "mental health" and none of them have ever considered me depressed, not a single one. In fact, I would constantly be referred around because they did not know what to do with me.

Your "fact" about religious people is ridiculous. The on-going global conflicts are largely due to contradicting religions and yes, I know not all religious people are involved in that. Are you really sure people that commit suicide "will regret it forever"? How do you know this? Considering that people who commit suicide die, I sincerely doubt they continue to feel anything.

If you think I am selfish or anyone else is selfish for wanting to die peacefully, then you are entitled to that opinion, but I still hold ownership over my body and am the sole judge for when and how it should cease to function.

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